What we do

Project #1 – Feeding Scheme

Sprouting Minds Organisation together with teachers of the school we are involved with identify children who do not get food at home and then we provide them with a nutritious breakfast and snack so that their tummies can be filled. This will help them with their brain development as good nutrition and brain development goes hand in hand. With a full tummy they then have the energy and focus needed to listen to their teacher and learn. This will help them to achieve better academically and ultimately in life.

Our aim is to help the identified children from grade R – 3 in various schools. With the limited funds available we are helping gr. R – 3 in one school for 2020. Hopefully, next year we can branch out to another school.

Project #2 – Veggie Gardens

Sprouting Minds Organisation has partnered with the school we are involved with to start a vegetable garden. Our aim is to learn the grade 4 – 7’s on how to grow food as well as show how Natural Science links with the real world. The garden area will also act as a calm environment for children to relax.

We also try and encourage and help families to start vegetable gardens at their own homes as an extra source of food.

Project #3 – Health Talks

At times we give health talks to encourage a healthier community. With two dietitians on board to guide parents on which food to give their children and a teacher who relays the content of children’s lunch boxes we can come together to teach parents how to feed their children for optimal development.

We are available for talks at your school!

Project #4 – Soup Kitchen

In Fisantekraal there are many soup kitchens. We are supporting one lady’s kitchen. We provide the essential ingredients and gas when needed.

She feeds many children and a few adults who live nearby and who are in need of food.