By Law (NPO Act 71 of 1997) we are suppose to refer to ourselves as Directors, but we are actually just 3 ordinary people, that wants to do God’s work and no glory should come to us.

It is with great pleasure that we present our team:

Cornelia Owens

The lady who had the vision, Cornelia Owens, our chairperson. 

Cornelia is a Dietitian with a special interest in pediatrics, so children’s health is her number one priority. When you talk to her you can hear the urge to help those who are less fortunate. Her heart really is for the kids. She has three kids of her own so she has become a pro multitask-er. Somehow she still finds the time to play around with recipes and make delicious and nutritious snacks for the children we are helping.

Carina Knoetze

Carina and Cornelia met at a church market as they were searching for children’s books. Their shared passion to help children brought them together. The NPO gained access to the community in Durbanville through her and she could give us wonderful insight into the needs of the community.

Carina is a Grade 2 teacher and has her honours degree in Educational Support.

Carina has a very good understanding of the big impact that good nutrition has on the development of children. She is faced with many challenges as a teacher and her valuable experience helps us to structure our programme to best suit the needs of a growing and learning child.

What we love most about her is her tenacity and heart warming passion for educating children.

Carina de Fries

Carina is a Dietitian who is currently doing her community service year. She has a passion for “feeding people” as she explains it. She has a remarkable character and anyone that meets her will notice her kindness and compassion immediately. 

Carina acts as our secretary. She has many roles in the NPO, but what we love most about her is the way she keeps the ball rolling with regular “check-up’s and check-in’s”. She will be taking lead on the vegetable garden at the school.