Our school had a great need for help with children who struggled to concentrate on their work and to come through the day. Many of the children suffer and come hungry to school. We got help since 2017 which made a big difference in our children. The children who received breakfast have improved their work and their mindset. And their desire for school came back. It makes a big difference in our children’s lives. Our gr 1 & 2 children just want to say thank you for the delicious breakfast and that we may have full tummies every morning to start the day!


As a teacher, I can clearly see the difference that the breakfast does for my children. They can concentrate more easily and they are happier. Some days the children did not laugh at all and did not want to do anything. Now after they get breakfast every day they look forward to the day. This is definitely a big positive influence on my class. Thank you for the difference you make in their lives.

The feeding of our Grade 1 learners is so great for the children as well as our educators. The children show more interest in their schoolwork. They are more energetic and it’s fantastic to see the change. They are diligent to do their job and they are excited for the day. It really has a positive impact on the children and our school.

The Grade 1 learners are still excited to have breakfast at school. It is now part of their routine. I can see the difference that it makes in the children. Their concentration is better and there is also an improvement in many of the children’s work. The children are also happier and say thank you for the food. The parents also thanked the Educators for what they offer to the children in the mornings. One parent said that there were days where there was no food in the house. Thank you for your idea and care for the children.

Thank you very much! Do you know how many children passed just because they can concentrate better on their work? This also improved our pass rate!

The Grade 1 learners from Alpha Primary got a new excitement and eagerness for their day since the breakfast project started at school. To create some backgrounds; This is a project that was established by myself, Cornelia Owens and Carina de Fries. While the two struggled to get sponsors, I prepared the teachers for this new project at the school (to provide breakfast for those who do not have breakfast at home in the mornings). The difference that the project brought into children’s lives is immeasurable. We as educators could immediately see an improvement in concentration levels as well as a decrease in aggression levels. The learners have met the days with great zeal and they are very excited about their breakfast every morning from 07:00. There are many of the learners who came to school without food and did not have anything at home to eat. There are three Grade 3 learners who have been granted a “special” license because sometimes weekends go by without them eating (due to the fact that there is no money for food). The project has the potential to change so many lives and has already made a huge impact. I just want to thank you very much, all the people who helped, whether it’s finances, time or prayer (without it it could not have happened).”