As the world faces a pandemic, we have shifted our usual routine to get the food to the children we help and their families. Many others partnered with us so now we get to help other families survive when there is no income.

Production and distribution:


“Nourish the child, Nourish the Nation”


To contribute to the provision of some basic needs of young learners in South Africa,
So that they will be able to perform better and thrive.


To ensure that all learners are optimally fed, by:
1. Providing a nutritious breakfast and snack to identified learners during school hours
2. Educate the community regarding optimal nutrition


Children receiving food


Gardens planted


Projects running

What is Sprouting Minds all about?

As some might think, we grow sprouts to sell to start a veggie garden. That is not the case for us!

Sprouting refers to something that is growing, right? The children that we feed are still growing. They are young and need proper nutrition, “soil”, to help their brains develop and grow . So when they eat nutritious food their tummies are filled and their brain can grow with the proper nutrients so their brain will say “yummy!”

All children have sprouting minds. Give your child the best “soil” to grow.

P.S. And funny enough, we do plant veggie gardens 🙂

Sprouting minds children at school

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Full tummy, Brain says yummy!

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